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Why Zuzu?

One of my favorite movies is “It’s a Wonderful Life” and one of my favorite moments in that movie is when George Bailey tries to reattach the rose petals that have fallen from his young daughter, Zuzu’s, rose stem. He tucks the soft, dewy petals into his pocket and they become a touchstone for all that is most valuable in his life.  I hope this space offers you a small touchstone, a few moments for reflection and inspiration, through poetry and essays, recipes and little photo pockets of beauty in nature and design. Through all the chaos that is life these days, I need to reach into my pocket for the silky petals of hope and renewal, the tender, precious reminders of what is most valuable in my life. I truly hope this space provides a few moments of respite for you to do the same.


   Your friend,  Peg Larkin


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